If you want to know

I live about two blocks from St. Lawrence, a hospital being used as a screening site for COVID-19. When I was walking the dog today, I came up on a parked car parked a half block from the hospital, running, with a woman sobbing inside. I waved to her, but wearing a mask myself, it was hard to communicate anything.

I wanted to say: are you ok?

I wanted to say: can I help?

I wanted to say: tell me what’s wrong.

I wanted to say: I am afraid, too

But I couldn’t. This disease has made every stranger a mortal danger. She saw me, waved me off and drove away in the direction of the hospital.

I’m haunted.

If you want to know, I’m not doing alright. My breathing is fine, my temperature is normal and I am not coughing. But I am not ok.

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