Hobos illuminated by a dim streetlamp

Everyone loves a good art history joke, right? Right? Come on, don’t tell me I’m the only one. I know I’m not.

So when my good old friend and former locker neighbor Bruce posted this on Facebook today, I had to share: a snarky guide to recognizing some of the most famous (and some of the not-so-famous) artists of all time by their signature styles.

Right off the bat, there was our old friend, Rembrandt van Rijn:

They’ve got a point.

Funny, but is it fair? Well, I mean … yeah!

How about this one?

But this is also how everyone looked at the Nectarine Ballroom on goth/industrial night.

Or this?

Looks like we’re well within budget this month.

Does this look familiar?

Sadly, it does.

Or this?

Only parts of it bear any semblance of familiarity.

And really?

It’s the most frightening one yet.

Oh come on, Putin???

So I’m thinking, what’s missing here? I don’t see Van Gogh or Gauguin. I see no Monet or Manet or Matisse. Where’s my Cezanne and Chagall? Or Renoir and Mary Cassat? Norman Rockwell? Basquiat? Anyone?

Care to take a stab at any of these and come up with your own artist identifiers? I’d love to see them!

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