There’s no such thing as a Jewish vampire*

* Until now.

Enter Juda. He’s not a bad guy, not really. But you can’t say he’s really good, either. So he makes his living doing the bidding of some shadowy underworld types. I mean, that’s not great. But on the other hand, he’s also the sort of uncle who comes home from a business trip with a giant stuffed animal for his nephew. It’s just that the business trip involved mob money.

But things go sideways for Juda when he decides to gamble with that mob money and, against all odds, wins. That attracts the attention of a femme fatale who is a little long in the tooth, if you know what I mean. One unforgettable liaison in his hotel room later, and Juda’s life will never be the same. Nor his unlife.

If you think you’ve seen all vampire shows before, you haven’t. Because none so far have looked at the genre through a specifically Jewish lens. For instance, how would the Jewish kosher rules against consuming blood factor into the diet of a vampire who was a Jew? And how would the presence of mezuzot (boxes containing a portion of Torah script affixed to the entrance of every room in a building owned by a religious Jew) affect things? Just to name a few.

I simply adore the fact that someone other than me has finally taken the idea of a Jewish vampire seriously, rather making it anything other than a punchline. It’s the brainchild of Zion Baruch, and I read somewhere online that season 2 is in the works. Got Hulu? Check it out.

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